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How to Prepare Your Car for a Long Journey?

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Are you planning on taking a long journey by car soon? If so, be sure to follow these steps for preparing your vehicle before setting off.

Checklist of items to do before along journey include:

Check and fill up your gas tank.
Ensure you have enough oil in the car.
Fill up with windshield fluid (if needed).
Make sure all windows are free of debris,Guest Posting including bug remains. This will help ensure that you can see clearly through any window during night time driving.
Put new brake pads on the vehicle if it’s been over 20 years since they were last replaced. It might be worth having them done professionally through someone who provides car service in Wellington, for this road trip. If you plan on doing most of the work yourself and do not want to go to an auto shop, refer back to the video tutorials to ensure you are doing this properly.
Check the air pressure in all tyres, including the spare tyre; make sure they’re inflated correctly (this is important for safety and gas mileage).
Bring your car’s maintenance records with you on your journey. If something goes wrong, these will give mechanics a better idea of what has happened to your car since its last check-up.
Be sure to bring tools like screwdrivers, wrenches and other items that might help if there are serious mechanical issues or breakdowns while out on the road.
Make sure everything inside of both glove compartments works as it should; lights turn off when doors close etc.
Remove expired registration cards/stickers from windshield & inspect wipers to ensure that they are in good working condition.
Keep yourself informed of traffic information or potential road hazards. Sometimes this means avoiding certain areas all together if there’s construction work going on, an accident ahead or some other problem. However, also consider how you can get where you’re going more quickly; maybe there’s another way to get around town/city than taking the main highways.
If possible, try not to drive during rush hour. It’s always busy for one reason or another so avoid driving when most people do unless absolutely necessary.

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What is Consulting?

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When considering the context of business, consulting is advice in exchange for a fee. When businesses face problems and need assistance with problem solving to overcome them, they consult the expertise of a consultant that can provide solutions through their advanced skills and knowledge.

By providing services as a specialist in a particular field, area or industry, individuals in these positions may specialize in strategy, technology, management, retail, or multiple areas in order to accommodate a vast array of company needs. People with experience and expertise are the power behind successful consulting.

In a business context, this type of advice refers to management consulting and the ability to help businesses problem-solve to create solutions for their organization. These solutions help a company to reduce costs, increase productivity and increase performance also by using the expertise and advice of specialists to provide those solutions.

Consultants create detailed plans to help a company first to assess their goals and isolate any problems in order to make that company run more efficiently. The individuals who seek out these services are executives and other leaders of corporations that need the expertise of an individual who specializes in a particular field or industry.

There are management consulting firms available who offer advise for a fee to non-profit organizations, leaders of corporations and governments. The most frequent services involve operations, strategy, HR, IT and finance. Organizations typically need assistance in finding solutions for marketing, IT implementation, pricing, government policy and new product strategies.

Every industry offers advising services whether it is energy, pharmaceuticals or any goods and services. There are companies that focus on a particular topic and span across industries offering solutions for every kind of organizations needs. Some management consulting firms concentrate on a particular industry but provide advice on virtually every kind of issue.

Consulting firms come in different shapes and sizes and either be split apart by topic or organized based on the industry or the type of problems they specialize in. Some large companies have a system called a matrix where firms use functional practice groups as well as industry practice groups. There are also companies that focus exclusively on financial services or any type of specific industry and provide advice on every type of issue.

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A Quick Look at Consultants

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The world consultants come from the Latin word “consultare” which means “to discuss”. Consultants are professional people who offer advice on their specialised subject. There are consultants who specialise in many different things like finance, medicine and design. We will now have a further look in to some areas in which consultancy may be needed.

Social Media

Social media is a rapidly developing area that is sweeping the internet and looks set to stay around. Consultants can give advice to business owners and managers about what social networking platform their business should use. They can also give advice on how to use these platforms to the benefit of your firm.


There are many management consultants out there along with business and life coaches who all do fairly similar things. A management consultant will help a business asses their managers and then train them to be better. This may be in the area of planning, interpersonal skills, decision making and delegation. They can also provide advice to CEO’s about how to grow their business and move it forward.


Communication consultants provide training on public speaking, pronunciation, vocal abilities, tone, intonation and much more. They can work with people who struggle in social settings to help build their ability and confidence.

Consultants usually work independently or for small firms. They tend to charge by the hour and offer one to one work, group sessions and telephone coaching. Many of them are flexible and will devise a program of consultancy based on your needs. They can be by your side from start to finish.

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When Security is Mantra Then the Security Consulting is Tantra

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“300 Lithuanian sites hacked by Russian hackers”

“In September, Google mail accounts of key government officials were tampered with and earlier, passwords and login names of the National Defence Academy and key Indian embassies were splashed by a hacker on this website”

“India’s External Affairs Servers Hacked By China”

How often we get to hear such news….

many times… huh!!! Despite many such incidents that take place, only few see the lime light. Reason being most of the companies don’t prefer to reveal them, fearing there is chance of losing customer’s faith. Incidents as these happen quite often and we react only when such incidents takes place. Most of the times we are reactive than being proactive! All such incidents raise a concern on how security is compromised and there is a great concern to curb such activities. The importance of information security and growing market for security consulting in India is driving me to write this article.

Don’t care for security – This is what we normally hear from most of the start ups of India and few Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). Reason could be that they don’t have enough time for security, since they are busy getting their product out. But fact is, start up companies should take utmost care in protecting their intellectual property lest they might loose their competitive advantage.

Security is the way to go!!! Security is not a product, which you can just install and keep yourself safe. Security is not just a technology alone, it includes process and people who should follow the process with out fail. Most SMBs do not have dedicated security teams due to the smaller size of their operation, contrary to this few companies have dedicated security teams, but they lack certified security professionals. It is estimated that in India less than 2,500 professionals have specific Information Security skills, which represents only 0.5% of the IT workforce. Almost 50% (12 out of 25) of the companies do not employ certified professionals to manage their security. But reality is that for security implementation you need experienced certified people who are specialized and trained in core areas of security domain. Now how can you get such people? In India there are quite a few security consulting firms who can provide experienced certified external security consultants for hire.

As per the “The Forrester Wave”:Security Consulting, Q3 2007″ Over the past two years, some security service providers have registered growth rates in excess of 40%. The major driving factors for the security consulting market in India to grow are high rise in the complexity of IT implementations, Rise in the usage of on-line trading and on-line transactions, rise in the requirements of banking and financial services, BPO etc.

Consulting is projected to grow till $1.1 billion by 2012 in Asia pacific. Information security and services companies in India are now moving up the value chain to focus on information security consultancy, managed services, training and patch management. The information security (IS) market in India is growing at a rate of 50 per cent exceeding that of the software industry and presents a huge untapped opportunity to software companies. There are already quite a few good players like Deloitte, Wipro, Accenture, Ernst&Young who proved their mark with their consulting services in the area of information security, but there is a growing need and vacuum available for other companies to pitch into this market.


  1. Gone are those days when security was thought of as setting up IT infrastructure alone, it is now more than that, it has expanded to information storage, distribution, application level security, perimeter security and defining policy procedures for different kinds of information. Today’s security consulting firms have trained people with specialized skill sets on standards like BS-7799, ITSM (IT Service Management), COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology) and the ISO-17799, ISO 27001. Companies who are working in an off shore model may take services from security consulting firms to keep themselves compliant to regulations that are followed by their foreign counterparts.
  2. Companies working in an offshore model can get an added advantage in hiring external consultants. These consultants look at organization’s security set up from outsider’s perspective and are in a better position in identifying the loop-holes.
  3. Companies should enhance their security perception by involving the top management in drafting and reviewing security policies and creating a provision for security in their budgets.

Its quite evident that security consulting in India is going at a rapid pace. India has a right blend of technology and skills to provide top notch services and grow as a top class security consulting service provider.

Finally, as the meaning of Tantra goes – any service that is concerned with ritual acts of body, mind and speech is called as Tantra. That’s why I say, When Security is Mantra then the Security consulting is Tantra!!!

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