Renovating Your Home – How to Improve the Value, Health, and Feel

Every home eventually needs to be renovated due to age and space.

The suggested time to renovate a home is every 15-20 years. Renovations may be necessary sooner in some cases.

When renovating, it is important to know who to hire.

If you want to move walls or change the structure, you will likely need house renovation contractors in Colts Neck, NJ.

If you’re simply giving your home a facelift or adding details, look for a designer home renovation contractor in Colts Neck, NJ.

The first step is knowing what you need.

Designer or contractor

Different contractors do different jobs. Some have different rules required to work.

A designer, for instance, doesn’t need permits or licenses — a contractor does.

The main reason for this is that a designer does not do any job that requires structural changes — unlike the typical contractor.

Basically speaking, if you want the walls painted and other design elements — you will need a designer.

If adding a room or fixing the roof — hire a contractor.

How can I renovate to improve my home’s look, feel, health, and value?

Things to add value to your home

Some of the best designer features typically don’t cost much and are durable — like painting and changing your color scheme.

A nice set of floor to ceiling bookshelves can make a room look expansive and fancy.

For a quick pickup, change the color schemes on walls, furniture and cabinets. Painting may be necessary if it shows signs of discoloring or peeling.

Updating windows and roofing is vital for the home’s health and value.

Old or improperly sealed windows can drastically raise your heating and cooling costs.

A roof will typically last for years, but weather and time can rot it — causing leaks or collapse.

If you simply want to make your home fancier or more inviting, adding special touches like new kitchen cabinets, equipment, or a kitchen island will be a great place to start.

Finding the perfect contractor

Finding the right contractor is important. If you want simple things done that don’t require structural changes, a designer will do.

To find the proper designer, ask if their certificates are up-to-date for the job you need done. Designers don’t need permits or licenses — a contractor does.

No matter which one you need, do your research.

A good contractor or designer should have pictures of previous work and testimonies from previous clients.

Ask neighbors, family, and friends if they can refer you to someone.

Look online for reviews.

Talk to the companies about your plans and expectations to ensure you’ll be on the same page.

If your home shows signs of age, like chipped paint or detached tiles, you may need to renovate.

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